Promotional calendar: An advertisement that displays all year


Print your 2015 promotional calendar. Great as a promotional tool for your company as well as clubs and association.

A calendar is an important organisation tool. We spend a lot of time scheduling appointments, keeping track of special dates and checking holidays. Despite the technological advancement, many still prefer printed calendars than the digital ones because printed calendars allow instant access – you do not have to go through all the log-ins, scrollings and zoomings to look at the dates.

A promotional calendar, with an imprint of your logo and details, is a cost-effective gift for your clients and customers. It lasts all year and used daily. You are consistently reminding your clients and customers as well as their friends and associates about your brand. It is a strategic and low-cost advertising medium to retain loyalty and to create brand awareness.

We have five calendar templates for you to choose from – table calendar (horizontal and vertical), tent calendar (regular size and mini) and pocket calendar (horizontal and vertical). Each template has five colour schemes for you to choose from. All we need from you is your logo and company details so that we can insert them into the templates. Your calendar will then be ready for print. However, if you prefer your own customized calendars, we can also work on that together with you.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about this. We’re looking forward to hear from you!

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