Sampul Duit Raya 2017

Would you like a customised or personalised Sampul Duit Raya this year?

Yes, it can be done! You can put your family Raya photo and greeting on the Sampul Duit Raya or if you own a business, you can put in your logo to promote it – syiok juga ada Sampul Duit Raya sendiri kan?

We have three styles:
A – Tuck-In
B – Self-Adhesive
C – Tuck-In Wallet

You can personalise each of these according to your choice of colour, background, typeface – everything!

If you’d like to get your personalised Sampul Duit Raya printed, you could get in touch with us to know more about our Sampul Duit Raya printing and also other services. You may also call us at 088-711614; or e-mail info[at]buzzprint.com.my; or go to our shop at Plaza 333 in Penampang – it’s just about 7KM from Kota Kinabalu (KK) city centre and 3KM from the Donggongon township.